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International Womans Day – March 8th

The Unconditional Basic Income (U.B.I.) would edge us toward a more gender-equal world. The extra cash would make it easier for a dad to become the primary caregiver if he wanted to. A mom with a job could write checks for child care and keep her earnings, too. Stay-at-home parents would have money in the bank, more clout in the family, and the respect that comes from undertaking an enterprise with measurable value. And we’d have established the principle that the work of love is not priceless at all, but worth paying for.

The Basic Income Women Action Group brings together women and feminist men to promote Basic Income from a woman’s points of view. We invite contributions to this site that inform on the current economic, political and social situation, especially as it relates to women and their families, and that provide solutions, including Basic Income that will lead to system change. We keep in mind the words of globalist Nafeez Ahmed: “If we want to save the planet, patriarchy must die. That means recognizing and taking responsibility for the fact that patriarchy is integral to the structures of power we take for granted, across East and West. There’s no time to waste. If misogyny wins, the planet dies.”